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Use Cases

Providing candidates with exposure and analytics to strengthen their skillset and become industry ready.


Using AI/ML based Interviews to your success

Interviews can serve as great tools for candidates to learn, grow and become employment ready. Hence, we have created a transparent system for our candidates to understand how they performed in an interview and what their opportunities for improvement are.


Our AI/ML layer provides a detailed report on a candidate's aptitude and attitude to help them comprehend their expertise better and become future ready. 

While some individuals might find the involvement of an AI layer intimidating, ValueMatrix has done design thinking at a human level to develop an empathetic format that aids the development of a candidate's career path by showcasing their performance tangibly and positively through our data-backed calculations.

Finding the Right

Fit for Career

Finding a right job is not only a practical decision but also influenced by our emotional and mental alignment for that role. A candidate and an employee have to match not only on a skillset level but also on a cultural level. 


The organizational culture further drills down on a team level that the candidate is supposed to join to perform at an optimum efficiency while maintaining their wellbeing.


To ensure the right fit, ValueMatrix has an intricate process of understanding the candidate psyche and providing a report on the cultural fitment for every opening they apply for.

The platform is built to protect the interests of all the stakeholders including our clients, interviewers and candidates during the hiring process to ensure they have a good learning experience on the platform that leads to the desired business results.

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