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Our Company

ValueMatrix is a resultant culmination of its founders who have witnessed the perennial problem of technical recruitment in the IT industry for more than 60 years cumulatively. We understand the most important prerequisite to success is to have a winning team.


The founder journey started back in November 2021 where the solution discovery phase has begun. It blossomed into an idea during the month of May 2022 when two Co-Founders joined the team, one to take care of product engineering and development and the other one for revenue generation. During this time, the team went ahead and tested the problem definition and solution with more than 200 CHROs across the globe.

Team work

Value Matrix believes in striking the right balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence. We ensure we are unbiased, scientific, or meritocratic at least, efficient & smart towards the final goals of creating competent, innovative teams which are also future relevant.

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Become a part of the team pioneering the future of HRtech

Full Stack Engineer

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