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Use Cases

Utilising the power of AI/ML to empower the interviews in supplementing their decisions with logic


Balancing Aptitude and Attitude 

As interviewers, we're often torn between hiring based on attitude or aptitude. Finding the correct balance of both is a difficult task and often requires multiple levels of interviews with different stakeholders to identify the right fit.


The entire process is time consuming and doesn't always guarantee positive results. ValueMatrix simplifies this operation for the interviewers by enabling them with tools and layers of machine intelligence that fosters an unbiased hiring decision.

By focusing on the technical expertise, the interviewers can rely on our AI layer to fulfill the task of balancing the attitude aspects of the candidates thus taking the pressure off them.

Using Expertise to

Create more Value

ValuMatrix is a 360-degree platform that not only empowers employers to make better and faster hiring decisions but also enables interviewers to create more value with their skillset.


Being a part of the ValueMatrix interviewing community doesn't only provide a mechanism for tech experts to make more money but also gives them exposure through getting recognized by highly reputed brands across the globe. 


We enable interviewers to schedule interviews per their skillset and convenience; and empower them through our AI/ML layer to make better judgements through the interviewing process. 

Being enabled by a thoughtfully created platform makes the interviewing process considerably straightforward and flawless.

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