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ValueMatrix Lab Inc.

E86 Suncity, Sector 54, Gurgaon,
Haryana 122011, India

ValueMatrix Lab Inc.

16192 Coastal Highway Lewes,
Delaware 19958, United States

ValueMatrix Lab Inc.

8 The Green Suite
Delaware 19958, United States

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Powered Talent Intelligence and Fitment Platform



  • is a revolutionary hiring platform that leverages AI and machine learning to optimize human interventions. We are a talent intelligence platform that helps you shortlist the right candidate quickly, scientifically, and unbiasedly without getting gamed even with Gen AI. It simplifies and optimizes every step of the hiring journey, from screening candidates to conducting engaging interviews and making data-driven hiring decisions.


    ValueMatrix flips the hiring funnel by assisting you in finding the right talent who is a perfect addition to your organizational culture and team dynamics.

  • ValueMatrix can help you:

    • Reduce bias: Using data-driven insights, ValueMatrix helps eliminate unconscious bias in hiring.

    • Improve hiring efficiency: Match the right candidates faster with a more objective evaluation process.

    • Predict performance: Identify candidates with the skills and personality traits that lead to success in your specific roles.

    • Build high-performing teams: Find candidates who complement existing team dynamics and create a strong company culture.

  • ValueMatrix uses the concept of digital twins, creating a detailed profile for both candidates and job roles. This covers the entire spectrum, capturing everything from technical skills (hard skills) to personality traits (soft skills). It even considers subjective factors alongside objective ones. This hyper-personalized detailed information is specific to each candidate and the job they're applying for.

    With this in-depth intelligence, ValueMatrix goes beyond traditional or current modern hiring methods, which often rely on resumes and interviews that are just subjective and leave room for chance. Instead, ValueMatrix provides a data-driven approach that is the most subjective to the most objective, making it easier to identify the candidate with the absolute best fit for the role.

  • ValueMatrix uses a variety of data sources to build a complete digital twin of a candidate, including:

    • Resumes and cover letters (not mandatory)

    • Open publicly available data

    • Behavioral data from gamified assessments

    • Micro-expressions and body language analysis during video interviews

  • We take data security very seriously at We employ a multi-layered approach that includes encryption, masking, and adherence to secure data storage processes. This ensures your data remains protected at all times.

  • No, ValueMatrix is designed to complement the human touch, not replace it. The platform deploys trusted intelligence that compliments and supplements the recruitment decisions. It provides valuable insights and helps shortlist qualified candidates, but the final decision on who to hire remains with your team.

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Call: +1 302-597-7496

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