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Key Benefits:

0% Bad Hires : Eliminate hiring bias and ensure you land the perfect fit every time.

67% Faster Time to Offer: Streamline the process and onboard top talent quickly.

30% Higher Joining-to-Offer Ratio: Reduce candidate drop-off and secure your ideal hires.

Improved Productivity and Performance: Build high-performing teams with the right talent mix.

Mission and


Building a Meritocratic
Future of Work

At, we're driven by a mission to put a million smiles on all stakeholders by creating a fairer, more productive, and more rewarding work environment.

Our Core Values:

V - Visionary: Delivering cutting-edge solutions

A - Agile: Adapting to needs with speed and flexibility

L - Loyal: Building long-term relationships based on trust

U - Unwavering: Committed to excellence in every aspect

E - Empowering: Helping organizations and candidates achieve their goals


Where Fun Meets Innovation: Experience the Culture

We're not just a company, we're a tribe of passionate individuals united by a shared vision and a love for what we do.


Powering Efficient and Fair Recruitment

Valuematrix utilizes advanced technology to address the challenges of scaling recruitment while maintaining fairness and efficiency.

Reducing Bias and Promoting DEI

AI for Unbiased Selection

Our AI models undergo rigorous testing to eliminate data or developer bias from influencing candidate selection. This ensures a level playing field for all applicants.

Prioritizing Talent Pipelines with Valuable Data

Leveraging Data for Finding the Right Fit

Valuematrix leverages established psychological frameworks and techniques. This gives recruiters and hiring managers valuable data points to prioritize the right candidates based on cultural fit, team dynamics, and motivations, not just technical skills.

Enhancing Efficiency for Human Interaction

Flipping the Hiring Funnel for Efficiency

Valuematrix enhances the screening process for DEI, culture match, and soft and hard skills, all before the first human interaction happens. This frees up valuable time for human interaction, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to focus on in-depth candidate evaluation and building rapport.

Ensuring Compliance with Predictive Analytics

Flagging Potential Compliance Issues During Interviews

Valuematrix utilizes predictive analytics to assist interviewers in identifying potential compliance concerns during the interview process. This helps ensure adherence to legal and ethical standards, protecting both companies and candidates.


Our Tribe

Where Fun Meets Innovation: Experience the Culture

Job Openings

Software Engineer



Responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software applications to meet customer needs.


Test Automation Engineer



Responsible for test automation design, planning, implementation, and execution.

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Words that speak volumes!

Siddharth Malik

Global CEO CleverTap, Ex CRO Freshworks

Hiring is a big problem with a huge TAM & the way ValueMatrix team is solving is something I believe will surely make them a market leader. I know Aditya, the founder from my Freshworks days and I have full faith in his execution skills.

Words that speak volumes!

Prabir Jha

Former CHRO Cipla, Tata Motors

In the war for talent, you need to have the best instruments to help you be certain of the talent you hire. ValueMatrix is your tool to locate right, interview better and select best. All that in the best timelines while reducing the fatigue in the client systems fighting an unending talent war. is revolutionizing the tech-hiring process by leveraging AI and machine learning to optimize human interventions. Our platform simplifies and streamlines every step of the hiring journey, from screening candidates to conducting engaging interviews and making data-driven hiring decisions.

About Us 

Build Winning Teams with AI-Powered Hiring

Our Team

Empowering and enabling the stakeholders by creating more time
Aditya Malik

Founder & CEO

Board Member - KoinX

Mentor DeepTech Club - NASSCOM

Mentor - CII

Ex-SVP - Marketsandmarkets

Head of Sales and Account Management - India & SAARC Freshworks

Jayashankar Attupurathu

Co-Founder & CTO

Head Product Engg -  UST Global

Vice President - Citibank

Mentor - Kerala Startup Mission

Raj Parameswaran

Growth Advisor

Chief Growth Officer – Fulcrum Digital

Chief Revenue Officer - Newage SaaS

Strategic Business Unit Head - CSS Corp

Chief Client Officer - Polaris FinTech

Member - Forbes Business Development Council, New York, NY

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